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Solving chronic absenteeism

There is no more urgent challenge for Chicago Public Schools than reducing the alarming rates of chronic absenteeism. 40 percent of CPS students missed more than 10 percent of school days in 2023. If this trend is not reversed, the educational and social harm inflicted on these kids could echo throughout their lives.


We need to rapidly and proactively respond to students who are missing an inordinate number of school days. We need expanded reporting metrics to include detailed data on chronic absenteeism to better inform mitigation strategies. We also need to work with community stakeholders – churches, community organizations, law enforcement, sports organizations – to identify students who are missing school and understand and respond to the causes.


As board member representing the 4th District, I will prioritize efforts to get our students in school and I'll make absolutely clear that we need our kids in school every school day they are able to attend.

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