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What I stand for...

The State of Illinois’ evidence-based funding formula has worked as intended, providing $1.6 billion in additional support for historically underfunded schools over the last five years. This was made possible through the hard work of families and activists who demanded a more equal Chicago Public Schools. They showed us that progress is possible. 

Now we need to take this extraordinary opportunity to accelerate progress through political courage, a respectful and civil dialogue with our teachers, and a commitment to evidence-based policymaking.

The Chicago Public School system confronts an extraordinary confluence of challenges: a near $400 million structural deficit, declining enrollment, and an urgent need to reverse learning losses suffered during the COVID-19 shutdowns. 


As board member representing the 4th District, I will charge at these problems head on.

Next year my son will be one of the 23,000 students attending a Chicago Public School in the 4th District. As board member representing the 4th District, I will listen to their families and teachers. I will seek balanced guidance from policy professionals on what has worked to improve outcomes. And I will never, ever, place political convenience before the interests of your child.

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