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Forging fair and sustainable contracts

The local share of the CPS budget is funded largely through property taxes. Residents of the 4th District can expect a dramatic increase in property taxes if the CPS leadership does not seek to maximize operational efficiencies and take advantage of returns to scale.


We confront a structural budget deficit estimated at nearly $400 million with a backlog of school repairs estimated at $10 billion. On average, CPS schools buildings are more than 80 years old. The State of Illinois recommends spending $22,000 per student; at present, CPS spends about $16,000 on each student. Nearly a quarter of CPS’ $9 billion annual budget is programmed to finance pensions and debt.


Tough choices will need to be made.


CPS teacher pay compares favorably to our peer school districts in New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia – and I will fight to make certain teacher pay meets the pace of inflation. I strongly believe that our teachers should be at the table as we, collaboratively, plan for the years ahead. But those who sit at the table have a responsibility to our kids to craft a sustainable contract without yet another work stoppage.

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